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When her friend convinces her to try the popular VRMMO New World Online, Kaede Honjou, under the alias Maple, embarks on a journey as a novice player. Focusing solely on defense by allocating all her stat points to vitality, Maple becomes nearly invincible but lacks speed and attack power. Surprisingly, her unconventional strategy leads to the acquisition of game-breaking skills like Total Defense and Poison Immunity, turning her into a formidable force. Quickly rising to fame, Maple secures third place in a server-wide competition, earning a reputation for her indestructible and overwhelmingly strong character. Despite her initial success, Kaede still has much to discover in the game. Along the way, she forges new friendships and alliances, aiding her in conquering challenging levels and events. Through her ongoing adventures, Maple may stumble upon even more extraordinary abilities that surpass all expectations.

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