On a fateful day known as the 'Lost Christmas,' a devastating virus strikes Japan, inviting chaos and death. With the nation in turmoil, the United Nations dispatches the GHQ to restore order, leading to a decade of oppressive rule and vanquished autonomy. In this bleak landscape, a spirited rebel faction called the Funeral Parlor emerges, led by the enigmatic Gai Tsutsugami, with a daring mission to seize the powerful 'Void Genome.' When the Genome falls into the hands of the renowned songstress Inori Yuzuriha, she becomes a target for the GHQ's ruthless Anti-Bodies. Seeking sanctuary, Inori crosses paths with Shuu Ouma, a shy high school student enthralled by her music. As Shuu unwittingly acquires the 'Power of the Kings' from the shattered Genome, he is thrust into a battle for freedom against the oppressive regime. Now, with newfound abilities, Shuu must navigate the complexities of his role in the struggle to liberate Japan from its tyrannical overlords.

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