Following a intense encounter in the Nether with his brother, Shou, Shinra Kusakabe's determination to become a hero who rescues people from fiery threats intensifies. His objectives include transforming the Infernals back into humans, untangling the enigma of the Evangelist and Adolla Burst, and saving his mother and brother. Aware of the daunting challenges ahead, especially with the looming threat posed by the Evangelist, Shinra is resolute in safeguarding the eight pillars—individuals with Adolla Burst—from the Evangelist's sinister scheme. As the revelation of a new pillar's emergence surfaces, Shinra embarks on a fiery conflict alongside the Special Fire Force against the Evangelist's malevolent agenda to recreate the ancient Great Cataclysm by sacrificing the pillars. Through relentless battles and revelations, Shinra and his comrades strive to uncover the truth behind the cataclysmic events, the essence of Adolla Bursts, and the mysteries shrouding spontaneous human combustion.

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