Sent to Earth as an enigmatic Orb, simply referred to as It, this entity has the extraordinary ability to transform into any being whose reflection it captures. Starting its journey as an inert rock and evolving into moss under the sun's warmth, It remains motionless until a near-death wolf stumbles upon its path on a snowy day. Assuming the wolf's shape, It awakens to consciousness and embarks on a purposeful but undefined journey. Fate leads It to encounter the wolf's young master, a boy anticipating his tribe's return from a bountiful paradise down south, yearning for a reunion. Despite his solitude, the boy clings to hope that his cherished memories endure. Eager for adventure, he forsakes his home to seek the elusive paradise, guided by remnants of his people's passage. Yet, with grave injuries and no sign of his kin, what lies ahead for the boy remains uncertain. 'To Your Eternity' delves into the immortal being's poignant exploration of humanity, traversing time and space to interact with a myriad of individuals across diverse landscapes.

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