In the Republic of San Magnolia, the war with the Giadian Empire is touted as casualty-free propaganda, shielding the silver-haired Alba citizens within walled safety. However, the truth reveals a hidden truth—those of different appearances are segregated in the secretive Eighty-Six faction. These individuals, dubbed the Eighty-Six, are compelled to combat the Empire's Legion under the control of the Republican Handlers. Vladilena Milizé steps into the role of Spearhead squadron's new Handler, facing isolation from her peers due to her support for the Eighty-Six cause. Leading this group is Shinei Nouzen, known for surviving past squadrons alone and bearing the burdens of his fallen comrades. As the destinies of these youths intersect, will their meeting kindle a beacon of hope, or will they be consumed by the shadows of despair?

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