In the neon-lit sprawl of Night City, dreams unravel swiftly. David Martinez, a young resident of the urban slums, strives to honor his late mother's aspirations by ascending the ranks of Arasaka, a powerful security conglomerate. Juggling academics at the esteemed Arasaka Academy and supporting his family, David's world is upended when a confrontation with a local gang propels him into possession of Sandevistan cyberware, enhancing his speed and strength. Driven by fury, he integrates the cybernetic implant, leading to a violent retribution that results in his expulsion from school, dashing his ambitions. Witnessing his newfound abilities, the enigmatic data thief Lucy offers David an alliance, opening the doors to a shady realm of Edgerunners—outlaw cyborgs navigating the city's underbelly for profit. Amidst the perilous allure of this illicit world, where cybernetic enhancements can be both a boon and a curse, David confronts a stark choice: succumb to the seduction of lawless power or strive against the odds to carve a path to redemption within a corrupt society.

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