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In the prestigious Shuchiin Academy, the student council's top brass engage in a relentless battle of wits. President Miyuki Shirogane and vice-president Kaguya Shinomiya engage in a daily game of romantic cat and mouse, each vying to outwit the other into confessing their feelings. Kaguya, bound by her affluent and rigid family background, gradually sheds her icy facade as she warms up to Shirogane and their circle. Meanwhile, treasurer Yuu Ishigami grapples with an unrequited love for the admired Tsubame Koyasu, whose presence empowers him with newfound self-assurance. Newcomer Miko Iino, a stickler for rules, finds herself drawn to the unconventional Ishigami while navigating her own moral compass. Amidst blossoming relationships at Shuchiin Academy, the student council pulls their unsuspecting friends into a whirlwind of hilarious misadventures.

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