In the midst of relentless misfortunes, 16-year-old Yuuta Okkotsu grapples with a curse that exacts ruthless vengeance on his tormentors. This curse, embodied by Rika Orimoto, looms ominously as a remnant of Yuuta's dark past, harboring lethal consequences for those who cross him. Sought after by the formidable sorcerer Satoru Gojou from Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School, Yuuta's extraordinary affliction becomes a focal point of potential transformation. Surrounded by gifted peers like the enigmatic Toge Inumaki, skilled warrior Maki Zenin, and the enigmatic Panda, Yuuta navigates the complexities of honing Rika's powers for noble purposes. However, as he embarks on missions with his classmates, the catastrophic aftermath of Rika's overwhelming strength attracts the attention of the cunning curse manipulator Suguru Getou. With Getou's malevolent intentions to harness Rika's might for a world-altering purge of non-jujutsu users, Yuuta and his allies band together to thwart this apocalyptic scheme, forging bonds of camaraderie in the face of impending doom.

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