As the Spearhead Squadron disappears from view, the Republic of San Magnolia's relentless propaganda machine continues to churn. Vladilena Milizé, known as 'Handler One,' leads another dehumanized 86th squadron in the ongoing battle against the Legion. Meanwhile, Shinei Nouzen and his unit find refuge in a military base on the Western Front under the Federal Republic of Giad's control. With the establishment of a new government, the persecuted Eighty-Six are granted citizenship and freedom. Welcomed by President Ernst Zimmerman, they encounter his adopted daughter, Augusta Frederica Adel-Adler, the last Empress. Despite the tranquility of their new surroundings, Shinei and his comrades yearn for the battlefield, eventually rejoining the fight as part of the Federacy's Nordlicht Squadron, led by Augusta Frederica. In the cycle of war, they come to understand that regardless of allegiance, death and suffering in the heat of battle are their constant companions.

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