In 2006, the halls of Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School reverberate with the lively debates and banter of two inseparable comrades, Satoru Gojou and Suguru Getou. Confident in their abilities as Special Grade sorcerers, they embark on a mission to escort a peculiar girl named Riko Amanai to a crucial entity in the jujutsu world. However, this task thrusts them into a moral quandary that strains the fragile harmony between sorcerers and regular humans. Fast forward twelve years, and students alongside sorcerers stand as the last defense against a surge of potent curses fueled by human negativity. As these malevolent entities gain strength and consciousness, they unite with a shared goal: to eliminate humanity and establish a realm dominated by cursed energy wielders, under the sway of an ancient and perilous cursed spirit. In a bid to eliminate their greatest adversary, the formidable sorcerer Gojou, the curses orchestrate an assault on Shibuya Station during Halloween. With teams formed, the sorcerers enter the fray prepared to stake everything in defense of the innocent and their own kind.

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