In a world scattered with enigmatic labyrinths called 'Dungeons,' said to be crafted by rare magicians known as Magi, lies a trove of unimaginable riches waiting to be discovered. These mystical domains attract seekers of power, promising not only treasures but also the chance to become rulers of vast empires under the watchful eyes of the powerful Djinns who oversee them. Aladdin, a gentle young mage who has long been sheltered from the world, embarks on a journey of exploration alongside his mystical companion Ugo, a djinn he can summon using his flute. Their path crosses with Alibaba Saluja, a bold and valiant ally, when a mishap leads to a merchant's loss. To make amends, Alibaba proposes that they join forces to conquer a nearby dungeon, setting the stage for a grand odyssey that could shape the destiny of the entire world.

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