Three decades back, the Eurasian continent suffered from a catastrophic event known as a supermassive 'spatial quake,' causing the demise of over 150 million individuals. Since then, these quakes sporadically haunt the world, albeit to a lesser extent. Living an ordinary life with his younger sister Kotori, high school student Shidou Itsuka springs into action when a looming spatial quake menaces Tengu City. His attempt to rescue Kotori leads him to a peculiar girl at the quake's epicenter, unveiling her as a 'Spirit,' a supernatural being linked to the quakes. Pulled into the conflict between this enigmatic girl and the Anti-Spirit Team—a merciless unit bent on eradicating Spirits—Shidou finds himself entangled in a high-stakes showdown. Amidst the chaos, a third faction emerges to safeguard the Spirits: 'Ratatoskr,' surprisingly overseen by none other than Shidou's sister, Kotori! Following a clash, Kotori enlists Shidou forcefully into their ranks, introducing him to an unconventional strategy for managing the Spirit threat—captivate them with love. Tasked with charming these ethereal beings, Shidou now holds the world's destiny in his hands, relying on his dating skills to win over the Spirits and avert disaster.

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