In a tranquil mountain village, chaos erupts when a demon-possessed boar threatens its peace. Ashitaka, a young prince, bravely faces the beast to protect his community but is cursed in the process. Following his banishment as per tradition, Ashitaka embarks on a quest to find a cure for his affliction before it consumes him. Meanwhile, Iron Town, led by the formidable Lady Eboshi, thrives on the destruction of the forests to extract Ironsand for weaponry. This ruthless endeavor incites the wrath of animal clans, with the fearless San from the Wolf tribe leading the charge. When Ashitaka arrives at Iron Town, he is met with a battleground torn by conflict. Determined to broker peace and bridge the gap between humans and beasts, Ashitaka seeks to ally with the Wolf Clan. As the devastating war rages on and nature's balance is disturbed, Ashitaka yearns for redemption from the Spirit of the Forest. Will his efforts be enough to earn forgiveness and rid himself of the curse that threatens his very existence?

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