In the realm of Disboard, governed by the divine Tet, sixteen distinct races coexist, with the humans of Imanity ranking as the least magically inclined. Bound by a world where fates are sealed through playful competitions, humanity faces a seemingly hopeless plight until a pair of outsiders, the reclusive siblings Sora and Shiro from Earth, disrupt the status quo. Known as the formidable gaming duo 'Blank' online, the siblings view life as a monotonous game until an unexpected message transports them to Disboard, revealing Tet's existence and the world's unyielding laws. Left to navigate this unfamiliar domain, Sora and Shiro find themselves in Elkia, the lone kingdom of Imanity, where they cross paths with Stephanie Dola, a determined young woman striving for her kingdom's restoration. Despite Stephanie's initial setbacks, her unwavering spirit sparks a fire in Sora and Shiro, propelling them to assist her in revitalizing Elkia and daring to claim dominion over this mysterious realm.

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