In a world ravaged by the relentless spread of the Gastrea virus, infected individuals undergo rapid mutations, acquiring new abilities as they perpetuate a cycle of violence and infection. Faced with an insurmountable foe that transforms allies into adversaries, the remaining humans seek refuge within city walls fortified by colossal Varanium structures, the sole barrier against the Gastrea threat. Amidst this bleak landscape, hope flickers in the form of the Cursed Children: young girls afflicted by the virus yet retaining their humanity. Teamed up with partners, these girls possess the rare ability to engage Gastrea in combat on equal terms. However, their strength is a double-edged sword, as the virus within them threatens to consume them. As they stand as humanity's guardians, their existence evokes both awe and fear. Are they saviors, abominations, or the ultimate salvation for mankind?

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