After witnessing the legendary 'Little Giant' on the volleyball court, Shouyou Hinata becomes enamored with the sport's dynamic nature. Despite a setback in middle school, where his dream of becoming a regular player was dashed, Hinata is determined to show that his height isn't a barrier to his passion and dedication. Enrolling at Karasuno High School, the same school as the Little Giant, he sees it as a stepping stone towards his professional volleyball aspirations. Despite Karasuno's faded glory, Hinata's resolve is unwavering until he discovers that his former rival, Tobio Kageyama, now his teammate, the very player who crushed his middle school team. To achieve his goal of proving himself in a sport dominated by height and strength, Hinata must reconcile with Kageyama. Only by understanding the essence of teamwork can Hinata truly compete at the highest level in the world of volleyball.

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