In Tokyo, a malevolent presence looms in the form of man-eating ghouls that masquerade as ordinary humans, posing a grave threat to the city. Ken Kaneki, a reserved university student immersed in books and oblivious to the unfolding crisis, has his world upended when a captivating woman named Rize Kamishiro boldly invites him on a date. Their encounter takes a dark turn as Kaneki realizes Rize's true intentions, leading to a tragic confrontation that leaves him on the brink of death. Miraculously saved through a transplant operation using Rize's organs, Kaneki awakens to a grotesque transformation into a hybrid of human and ghoul. As he grapples with his newfound identity, Kaneki navigates a treacherous path between his humanity and the ghoul within. Amidst a bloody struggle for survival against both the monstrous ghouls and the government forces set to eradicate them, Kaneki must find a way to reconcile his dual nature and forge his own destiny.

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