In the aftermath of a devastating terrorist attack at a nuclear facility in Japan, the word "VON" painted in crimson serves as the haunting trace left behind. As the government reels from its failure to respond, the police race against time to unmask the culprits. The populace remains in the dark until a cryptic video surfaces online six months later. Within the recording, two enigmatic teenagers known only as "Sphinx" brazenly taunt law enforcement, promising chaos and havoc throughout Tokyo. Amidst escalating fear and uncertainty gripping the city, Detective Kenjirou Shibazaki finds himself embroiled in the high-stakes hunt for these elusive terrorists. 'Zankyou no Terror' delves into the enigmatic duo of Nine and Twelve, the masterminds behind the enigmatic personas of Sphinx. Defying logic and reality, they orchestrate a series of calculated disruptions, unraveling a tapestry of deceit and hidden truths as Tokyo teeters on the brink of collapse—all in a bid to bury their own harrowing past.

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