Upon their return to Kunugigaoka Middle School, the students of Class 3-E are thrust into a high-stakes battle against their teacher, the enigmatic Koro-sensei, who poses a threat of global destruction. In their quest to eliminate their superhuman instructor, the students devise increasingly intricate strategies. Yet, their challenges extend beyond Koro-sensei, as the ruthless principal Gakuhou Asano schemes to sabotage their progress by manipulating his elite students. Amidst betrayals and cutthroat competition for the reward on Koro-sensei's life, Nagisa Shiota, a skilled assassin within the class, grapples with personal conflicts that imperil his academic standing and place in Class 3-E. With unity and determination, Nagisa and his comrades confront these looming dangers, striving to avert catastrophe and protect their futures.

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