When danger looms, Satoru Fujinuma experiences a peculiar ability that propels him back in time just moments before a catastrophe strikes. Utilizing this phenomenon dubbed 'Revival,' the aloof 29-year-old manga artist alters the course of fate, preventing numerous tragedies. However, falsely accused of a heinous crime, Satoru is thrust back in time once more, this time landing in 1988, a staggering 18 years prior. As he delves into the past, he links the wrongful accusation to a childhood classmate's disappearance and murder, particularly focusing on the enigmatic Kayo Hinazuki. Determined to right the wrongs of the past, Satoru seizes the opportunity to alter history. Join Satoru on his quest in Boku dake ga Inai Machi as he unravels the mysteries of two decades ago, striving to save his friend from a tragic fate while safeguarding his loved ones in the present.

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