In a world where extraordinary abilities known as "Quirks" have become the norm, society has been transformed into a battleground where heroes and villains clash. With 80 percent of the population manifesting unique powers by the age of four, the once-ordinary life has given way to a reality filled with both wonder and chaos. Aspiring heroes, eager to harness their Quirks for the greater good, flock to the prestigious U.A. High School and its renowned Hero Program in hopes of honing their skills and making a difference. However, for the unfortunate 20 percent born without a Quirk, the path to heroism seems like an impossible dream. Izuku Midoriya, a middle school student with an unwavering desire to become a hero, finds himself among the Quirkless minority. Despite his lack of inherent power, Izuku's passion for heroism drives him to meticulously study and admire the heroes he encounters, particularly the legendary All Might. Fate intervenes when a chance meeting with All Might presents Izuku with an opportunity to change his destiny. Recognizing the young man's determination and potential, All Might chooses Izuku as his successor, bestowing upon him the ability to inherit his Quirk. Through months of intense training and unwavering dedication, Izuku earns his place at U.A. High, where he joins a diverse group of talented classmates, each with their own unique Quirks and aspirations. As Izuku navigates the challenges of his hero academia journey, he must confront not only the rigorous demands of his training but also the looming threat of villainous forces seeking to disrupt the delicate balance between heroes and society. In this extraordinary world, Izuku will discover the true meaning of heroism and the lengths one must go to protect others, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

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