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One fateful morning, as Kobayashi begins her workday, she is startled to find a dragon's head waiting at her doorstep. This mystical creature swiftly morphs into a lively, voluptuous maid named Tooru. To Kobayashi's surprise, she had offered the dragon hospitality the night before during a tipsy encounter in the mountains. Grateful and eager to repay the favor, Tooru becomes Kobayashi's dedicated maid, despite the programmer's initial reservations. As Tooru showcases her exceptional skills, her unconventional approach to chores often leaves Kobayashi flustered and overwhelmed. Beneath Tooru's cheerful facade lies a complex past, shrouded in sorrow and unresolved emotions. To complicate matters further, Tooru's presence attracts a motley crew of mythical beings to their home, each with their quirks and idiosyncrasies. As Kobayashi navigates this chaotic new reality, she realizes that living with a dragon maid is an adventure unlike anything she had ever imagined.

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