In the depths of the wilderness resides Goku Son, a solitary young boy until a chance encounter with Bulma, a girl on a quest for the mystical Dragon Balls. These legendary orbs promise a single wish to the one who gathers them all. Eager to secure the perfect companion, Bulma persuades Goku to join her search by offering a trade: his Dragon Ball in exchange for assistance. Together, they embark on an extraordinary odyssey, joined by the wise Muten-Roshi and aspiring warrior Kuririn. As Goku hones his martial skills for the World Martial Arts Tournament, they face not only lighthearted challenges but also the perilous allure of the Dragon Balls' wish-granting power. Amidst their training to thwart those seeking to exploit this ancient privilege, they find themselves using their newfound abilities to aid others on their shared path.

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