On her 15th birthday, Kagome Higurashi's world is upended as a demon drags her into an ancient well on her family's shrine grounds. Transported to feudal Japan, a time teeming with demons, Kagome becomes the target of these malevolent beings all craving the Shikon Jewel, an immensely powerful sphere unbeknownst to her. In this tumultuous era, she crosses paths with Inuyasha, a half-demon who initially mistakes her for Kikyou, a figure from his past that he holds resentment towards. Despite Inuyasha's initial animosity, a shared peril prompts him to ally with Kagome. However, their attempt to protect the jewel results in its shattering and scattering, fueling their quest to retrieve the shards before calamity strikes. Together, Kagome and Inuyasha embark on a perilous journey fraught with challenges and dangers as they race against time to prevent the jewel's misuse.

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