In Death City lies the renowned Death Weapon Meister Academy overseen by the enigmatic Shinigami, Lord Death. The academy's purpose is to nurture 'Death Scythes' wielded by Shinigami against the various malevolent forces in their mystical realm. These Death Scythes, unique entities, are not conventional arms but rather human hybrids capable of transforming into Demon Weapons after consuming 99 wicked souls and one witch's soul. Soul Eater Evans, a laid-back Demon Scythe fixated on being cool, aspires to evolve into a Death Scythe with the guidance of his serious meister, Maka Albarn. Together, they navigate the challenges of the academy alongside the spirited Black☆Star and his supportive weapon Tsubaki, as well as Death the Kid, the Shinigami's meticulous son who wields twin pistols Patty and Liz. Follow these Shibusen students on their soul-gathering missions and endeavors to safeguard the city from peril, all while striving to harmonize their minds, bodies, and souls in the radiant light of the sun.

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