On what seemed like an ordinary day, Ganta Igarashi and his classmates were gearing up for a field trip to Deadman Wonderland, a peculiar prison amusement park where prisoners entertain spectators with perilous stunts. However, their plans take a dark turn as a crimson-clad figure massacres Ganta's entire class. Falsely accused of the slaughter, Ganta faces a death sentence and lands in the very penitentiary he was slated to visit. Yet, this grim twist marks the genesis of Ganta's harrowing ordeal. Plunged into a realm of cruel inmates and mysterious abilities, he grapples with the constant terror induced by the lethal collar encircling his neck, its countdown only stilled by emerging victorious in the penitentiary's deadly contests. In this merciless environment where allegiances blur and adversaries lurk, Ganta must wager his existence to endure. Amidst the quest for survival lies the arduous task of unmasking the elusive 'Red Man' to redeem himself, within the confines of Deadman Wonderland.

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