In the idyllic domed city of Romdo, a mysterious series of murders and a virus affecting the AutoReivs, cyborg companions, stir unrest. Detective Re-l Meyer delves into the anomalies, unraveling a truth that upends her world. As she pursues answers, a strange immigrant named Vincent Law vanishes, and a terrifying monster emerges, unsettling her to the core. This creature, more than meets the eye, leads her on a journey of discovery and danger. With each revelation, Re-l is drawn closer to the enigmatic being, questioning its purpose - is it a harbinger of doom or a catalyst for rebirth? The elusive Vincent becomes a linchpin in this unfolding mystery, guiding Re-l to another dome world, Mosk, across a scarred Earth. Together, they confront the truth behind the monster and the ominous 'awakening,' a revelation that may signify the end rather than a new beginning.

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