In Edo, once a bastion of samurai spirit, the arrival of powerful aliens called the 'Amanto' shattered old dreams. With the shogunate reduced to a figurehead by these extraterrestrial conquerors, a decree banning swords in public further dims the samurai's legacy. Amid this upheaval, Gintoki Sakata, a quirky silver-haired man toting a wooden sword, defiantly upholds his samurai ethos as the leader of Yorozuya, a peculiar odd-jobs business. Teamed up with Shinpachi Shimura, a bespectacled apprentice in samurai arts; Kagura, a feisty girl brimming with strength and appetite; and Sadaharu, a colossal canine companion fond of head-chomping, Gintoki navigates a topsy-turvy Edo. Here, the Yorozuya crew grapples with alien dignitaries, tussles with local thugs, and embraces the unpredictable chaos that defines their new world.

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