In a realm where magic reigns supreme, two young boys, Asta and Yuno, share an extraordinary bond. Abandoned together at a church on the same fateful day, their paths intertwine as they navigate a world shaped by magical powers. While Yuno is blessed with exceptional magical abilities, Asta stands as an anomaly, devoid of any magical prowess. Despite this stark contrast, their friendship remains unshakable, fueled by a shared dream: to ascend to the esteemed position of the Wizard King, the ultimate embodiment of magical might and leadership in the kingdom. As Asta and Yuno embark on their fifteenth year, a pivotal moment arrives in the form of grimoires—enchanted tomes that amplify and channel their holders' magical abilities. Yuno's grimoire bears the mark of a rare four-leaf clover, signifying immense potential and promise. Asta, however, initially receives no grimoire at all, seemingly confirming his lack of magical aptitude. Undeterred by this setback, Asta relies on his unwavering determination and rigorous physical training to compensate for his magical deficiency. When faced with a dire threat from Lebuty, a malevolent figure seeking to claim Yuno's grimoire, Asta's true strength emerges. In a moment of desperation and unyielding resolve, Asta unleashes his inner emotions, and a miraculous five-leaf clover grimoire—a legendary "Black Clover"—manifests before him. This extraordinary grimoire grants Asta the power of anti-magic, enabling him to negate and repel the spells of his opponents. Armed with this unique ability and an indomitable spirit, Asta triumphs over Lebuty, solidifying his place alongside Yuno as they set forth on their shared journey to become the Wizard King, ready to face the challenges that await them in a world where magic is everything.

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