Humanity remains confined within the last two walls as they confront the perpetual threat of the Titans. While battling these monstrous beings persists, internal dangers surface among the humans themselves. Eren Yaeger, rescued from formidable Titans, dedicates himself to mastering his Titan abilities. Amidst personal struggles, like Krista Lenz coping with loss, Captain Levi handpicks Eren and friends for his elite squad, as Commander Erwin recuperates. The soldiers' peace is short-lived when the government demands custody of Eren and Krista, alarmed by the Survey Corps' achievements. As Levi's past resurfaces, a familiar figure is tasked to apprehend the wanted duo. To protect Eren and Krista, Levi and his squad must outmaneuver their pursuers, navigating a treacherous landscape where human betrayal is as menacing as Titan attacks.

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