In a twist of fate, a young man, his stepmother, and two step-aunts find themselves summoned to a parallel world ruled by demi-humans. Unlike the typical hero's journey, their mission isn't to battle a demon king but to combat the undead scourge known as 'Dead Mell' that threatens to engulf the realm. These creatures can only be vanquished by weapons forged from holy silver. To this end, a 'familia' is formed comprising a swordmaster wielding the sacred blade, a guardian harnessing earth's might for defense, a healer tapping into water's soothing energies, and a black mage harnessing the destructive power of fire. The guardian, mage, and healer unite to bolster the swordmaster's prowess in battle. However, unlocking magical abilities demands a sacrifice—each member must offer a portion of their essence to forge pacts with elemental spirits, with the strength of their magic correlating to the depth of their sacrifice. Now, they face a daunting decision: who among them will relinquish part of themselves to amplify their powers, and who will take up the mantle of the holy sword?

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