Yuuki Haiga, a charming new student from the countryside, effortlessly integrates into university life, forming friendships and catching the eye of many. Among them, senior Ryou Hanae stands out with his mesmerizing long hair, striking looks, and musical prowess, captivating Haiga's thoughts. A lost bet leads Haiga to a secretive box spa specializing in same-sex services, prompting him to confront his uncertainties about his sexuality. To his surprise, his companion turns out to be none other than the alluring Hanae. Seeking clarity on his identity, Haiga craves a heart-to-heart with Hanae, who opts for a more intimate approach. Despite his inner conflict, Haiga finds himself drawn back, torn between deciphering his emotions as either genuine love or profound admiration.

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Must-Watch NSFW Anime for Pink Heart Jam Manga Readers

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