When Tatsuhiko Kido starts his art school journey in the city, he envisions a typical college experience filled with joy, companionship, and romance. However, his world transforms drastically when he accidentally witnesses his neighbor, Emiru Ikuno, engaging in a private act through a hole in the wall. Caught in the act of peeping, Tatsuhiko attempts to apologize but ends up entangled in a precarious situation with Emiru, who exploits a compromising photo to coerce him into a mutual voyeuristic arrangement. Complicating matters further, Tatsuhiko discovers that Emiru is also a fellow student in his class. What begins as a mix of curiosity and annoyance soon evolves into a psychological unraveling for Tatsuhiko, impacting his mental well-being and his other romantic entanglements. Beyond its initial provocative facade, Nozoki Ana delves deep into themes of guilt, sensuality, and the unexpected pursuit of love.

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