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Tadaomi Shirotani serves as the dedicated secretary to the president of Tosawa Corporation, all while battling a severe case of mysophobia that imprisons him in rituals and fears. When an unexpected encounter with a mysterious young man sets off a chain of events, Shirotani finds himself reluctantly seeking help from Riku Kurose, a perceptive individual who offers to guide him through exposure therapy at Shimada Psychosomatics. As their unconventional sessions progress, Shirotani grapples with his innermost fears and uncertainties, intrigued by Kurose's enigmatic motives and the unspoken truths lingering between them. With a pivotal challenge looming over Shirotani's journey to confront his deepest aversion, the bond between counselor and patient deepens, unveiling a tale of introspection, trust, and the gradual unraveling of hidden desires.

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