Welcome to Mori Moori Private School, an isolated all-boys boarding school nestled in the mountains where a riveting tale of love takes shape. Amidst swirling desires, an endearingly awkward romance unfolds, drawing you into its embrace. When newcomer Toono transfers from Tokyo to this secluded institution, he befriends the amiable Yaguchi, who stands as his sole companion. Despite his aversion to sports, Toono eschews Yaguchi's soccer club for the seemingly laid-back photography club, which, in truth, is known as the 'Yarichin Bitch Club' with its vibrant group of upperclassmen. The reserved Toono finds himself entangled in unexpected feelings when Kajima, another newcomer to the club, boldly expresses his affection amidst the chaos. As Toono grapples with his own admiration for Yaguchi, the dynamic shifts when Yaguchi starts to exhibit a blush-worthy fondness for Kajima, setting the stage for intricate relationships and brewing conflicts among the seniors.

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