Within the confines of Green Dolphin Street Prison, a peculiar incident unfolds before Jolyne Kuujou, Hermes Costello, and Foo Fighters. A disturbed inmate pleads with another to draw something essential for her sanity. This act leads to a fateful encounter with Fujiko, an artist offering to sketch Jolyne in a unique style. Little does Jolyne know, this seemingly innocent transaction sets off a chain of events orchestrated by the Stand user Fujiko, working on behalf of Whitesnake to retrieve a crucial item from Joutarou Kuujou's daughter. As Jolyne's world begins to shift, she remains oblivious to the mysterious forces at play within the prison walls.

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Must-Watch Anime for Fujiko no Kimyou na Shoseijutsu: Whitesnake no Gosan One Shot Readers

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