After a miraculous resurrection, she finds herself trapped in a novel as an insignificant character. Positioned in the palace of a ruthless emperor as a wicked concubine, she meets a tragic end for her cruelty towards the story's heroine. Faced with uncertainty, she ponders her next move: align with the protagonist, the male lead, or simply strive for survival and a prosperous future? Opting for the latter, she spends three years discreetly residing outside the Imperial City, hoping for a peaceful existence until the novel's conclusion. Unexpectedly, a mysterious figure enters her life with a proposition that could alter her fate. Embracing this newfound companionship, she discovers a happiness previously unknown to her. However, as their bond deepens, she grapples with unfamiliar emotions stirred by his playful demeanor and captivating red gaze. Could these sentiments signify something more profound than mere friendship?

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Light Novel Recommendations for Cheon Kiseuneun Gyehoekjeogeuro One Shot Fans

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