Yao Shen Ji

Yao Shen Ji

ONARuo Hong Culture

Once feeble in his former life, Nie Li emerges as the mightiest Demon Spiritist, reigning supreme in martial prowess. After a fatal clash with the Sage Emperor and six deity-ranked beasts, his soul reincarnates to his 13-year-old self. Despite starting anew with meager abilities, he resolves to surpass all expectations by leveraging his past life's wisdom. Determined to accelerate his own growth and aid fallen comrades from his previous existence, Nie Li strives to safeguard the city from impending demon beast calamity and prevent its ruinous fate. His mission extends to shielding his loved ones, restoring lost friends and family, and toppling the once treacherous Sacred family who neglected their responsibilities in his past life.

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