Gakuen Babysitters OVA

Gakuen Babysitters OVA

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In a special OVA based on the ninth compiled volume of the manga, Ryuuichi temporarily leaves the babysitter club to focus on his studies. Meanwhile, Kotarou and his friends mimic Ryuuichi's dedication by practicing writing. Grateful for Saikawa's assistance during exams, Ryuuichi discreetly investigates Saikawa's preferences to express his gratitude. To show his appreciation, Ryuuichi prepares a curry feast for the chairwoman and Saikawa. The OVA also features a unique 'Snow White' storyline inspired by the manga's sixth volume, where the chairwoman plays the role of the Queen and Inomata portrays a studious Snow White trapped in a castle. Ryuuichi steps into the role of the huntsman who guides Inomata to freedom. The babies take on the personas of the seven dwarfs, encountering Usaida in the forest during their whimsical journey.

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