Fate/Grand Order: Shinsei Entaku Ryouiki Camelot - Paladin; Agateram

Fate/Grand Order: Shinsei Entaku Ryouiki Camelot - Paladin; Agateram

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In the year 1273 A.D. in Jerusalem, a wandering knight named Bedivere and a Chaldean expedition discover the Sixth Singularity, a desolate land torn apart by warring factions. In a quest to overthrow the oppressive Lion King and the Knights of the Round Table, Bedivere seeks the aid of the Mountain People to combat the atrocities committed. With the help of the Sun King, Ozymandias, the group hopes to turn the tide of battle. However, Ozymandias, prioritizing his people's safety, refuses to directly intervene against the Lion King. Unveiling the Lion King's sinister plans leaves Bedivere and the expedition reeling. Determined to stop the Lion King's tyranny, they prepare to launch an assault on Camelot. As the final showdown in the Holy City approaches, mysteries shroud the Lion King's true intentions and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Bedivere grapples with the weight of unforgivable sins as he confronts a world on the brink of destruction.

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