Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Eternal - Kouhen

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Eternal - Kouhen

MOVIEToei Animation & Studio DEEN
dramafantasymahou shoujoromance

As the threat of the Dead Moon Circus intensifies, Usagi Tsukino and her Sailor Guardians find themselves in a desperate situation. Darkness encroaches on Earth, fueled by spreading nightmares. The Outer Sailor Guardians notice a troubling change in Hotaru Tomoe's rapid aging after a solar eclipse, prompting them to reawaken their dormant powers to protect their prince and princess. With Usagi and Mamoru Chiba weakening due to the eclipse's influence, the team faces a perilous dilemma without their leaders. Determined to take action, Hotaru and Chibiusa venture forth alone to confront the disruptive Amazoness Quartet. Time ticks away as Queen Nehelenia's impending release looms, leaving the Sailor Guardians racing against the clock to thwart her plans.

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