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In every city, supermarkets stand as vital hubs where families procure a diverse array of foodstuff in a secure and inviting setting. However, when the clock strikes for the nightly discount sale on unsold bento boxes, these ordinary stores transform into fierce battlegrounds. Alliances shatter, turning friends into foes as individuals clash for dignity, respect, and a hearty meal. Amidst the chaos, the once bustling supermarket aisles are now dominated by two factions—the Wolves and the Dogs, the triumphant and the vanquished. Caught off guard, high schooler You Satou stumbles into this epic culinary conflict, compelled not to retreat but to partake. Despite his inept combat prowess, You catches the eye of upperclassman and Wolf, Sen Yarizui, who, along with the spectator Hana Oshiroi, extends an invitation to the Half-Priced Food Lovers Club. Within this unique club, they delve into the dichotomy between the Dogs and the Wolves, discovering the true essence of fighting for one's sustenance.

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