Ashita Sekai ga Owaru toshitemo

Ashita Sekai ga Owaru toshitemo


After enduring the tragic loss of his mother in his youth, Shin Hazama closes himself off emotionally. With his father engrossed in his scientific work, his solace rests in Kotori Izumi, his childhood companion and the amiable daughter of his father's employer. As they approach the end of their high school journey, Shin and Kotori take strides together in both life and love. However, their world shatters once more with the sudden death of Shin's father. Amidst the turmoil, a startling revelation unfolds when they encounter agents from a technologically advanced dystopian Japan existing in a parallel realm. Within this group is Jin, a parallel version of Shin, embroiled in a conflict against humanoid weapons Miko and Niko. Bound by intertwined fates, Jin faces a dual mission: safeguard Shin to preserve their lives and eliminate Kotori to dismantle the oppressive reign of her parallel self, Princess Kotoko—the perpetrator behind Jin's parents' demise. As Shin and Kotori grapple with this unsettling truth, they must confront their burgeoning affection amidst the impending upheaval that could reshape their world by the next day.

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