Assassins Pride

Assassins Pride

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In a world on the brink of extinction, humanity survives within the confines of the glass-domed city-state of Flandore, shielded from savage lycanthropes lurking outside. Inside the city, a rigid social hierarchy divides the populace into nobles with magical powers fueled by mana and commoners. Melida Angel, a 13-year-old noble lacking the ability to wield mana, faces discrimination at an esteemed academy until Kufa Vampir is tasked with mentoring her. Secretly assigned to assassinate Melida if her mana deficiency is confirmed, Kufa's resolve falters in the face of Melida's determination and potential. Instead of carrying out his mission, he guides her in unlocking her latent powers, risking his own life to protect her from lethal consequences. As their bond deepens, both Kufa and Melida must navigate treacherous paths as hidden dangers threaten to unravel their fragile alliance.

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