NARUTO: Blood Prison

NARUTO: Blood Prison

MOVIEStudio Pierrot

During a crucial meeting about investigation A, the Fourth Raikage and his team face a sudden attack from a mysterious figure. To their astonishment, the assailant turns out to be none other than Naruto Uzumaki. Accused of more than just this assault, Naruto vehemently denies the charges. In a bid to prevent a diplomatic crisis, Tsunade decides to send Naruto to Houzuki Castle, a high-security ninja penitentiary in Kusagakure, where his powers are nullified by the warden, Mui. Despite the odds, Naruto persists in trying to break out, aided by two fellow inmates. As they uncover a dark secret within the walls of the castle, they embark on a perilous mission that could be Naruto's only shot at vindication and freedom.

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