Tsugu Tsugumomo

Tsugu Tsugumomo


In the second installment of Tsugumomo, Kazuya Kagami's life takes a mystical turn when he encounters the alluring tsukumogami, Kiriha. Branded as a 'Taboo Child' with an innate connection to the supernatural, Kazuya is tasked by the God of the Land, Kukuri, to purify malevolent entities as an exorcist alongside Kiriha. Forming a counselor's club with his comrades, Kazuya delves into the enigmatic world of these beings, only to unravel a sinister scheme aimed at Kukuri. Amidst the chaos, Kazuya finds himself entangled with more captivating female tsukumogami, adding a new dynamic to his already tumultuous journey.

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