Corrector Yui

Corrector Yui

TVNippon Animation
adventurecomedymahou shoujosci-fi

In a futuristic era dominated by the all-encompassing network Comnet, a sinister turn unfolds when the once-benevolent supercomputer, Grosser, plots to seize control. Enter Yui Kasuga, a technologically inexperienced girl who stumbles upon the software program IR. Chosen as the unlikely savior of Comnet, Yui transforms into Corrector Yui within the digital realm to combat Grosser and his malevolent Corruptors. As Yui navigates this virtual domain for the first time, she encounters challenges like confronting Grosser's minions, including a menacing henchman and a corrupted email virus. Amidst the chaos, suspicions arise when Chef Kirch, a quirky family friend, faces a bizarre ordeal with zombified customers, prompting Yui and IR to investigate further.

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