Usagi Drop Specials

Usagi Drop Specials(special)

by Production I.Gslice of life

Happa no Suizokukan One morning, Daikichi Kawachi finds Rin Kaga eagerly crafting fish out of autumn leaves. Wanting to spur her newfound interest, Daikichi helps Rin learn more about the beautiful and diverse animals that live under the sea. Santa-san e Spending their first Christmas together, Daikichi and Rin prepare to welcome Santa Claus and his reindeer. Osora ni Mankai With the cherry blossoms in full bloom, Rin wants to go flower watching the next day with Daikichi alongside Kouki and Yukari Nitani. However, the forecast of a spring storm may dampen their plans. Kaeri Michi After their visit to a summer festival, Kouki is still energetic and wishes to look around more. Daikichi decides to take the group on a quick detour before heading home.

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