Yakunara Mug Cup Mo

Yakunara Mug Cup Mo

TV SHORTNippon Animation
comedyslice of life

In the renowned city of Tajimi, known for its Mino ware ceramics and as the birthplace of Himeno Toyokawa's late mother, Himeno carries on her mother's pottery legacy. Following her family's return to Tajimi after her father's business failure in Tokyo, Himeno brings her mother's mugs to high school, hoping to connect with others. Mika Kukuri, a quirky classmate, and Pottery Club president Tooko Aoki show immediate interest in Himeno's mother's work. Encouraged by her mother's past involvement in the club, Himeno seeks and gains her father's approval to join. Alongside Mika and her old friend Naoko Naruse, Himeno embarks on a journey in the Pottery Club to honor her mother's memory and explore her own artistic passion.

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