Quanzhi Fashi 5

Quanzhi Fashi 5


Presumed deceased, Mo Fan resurfaces to his childhood friend Zhang Xiaohou's surprise. Together with Li Man, they embark on a mission to vanquish a colossal lizard, seeking its soul to counteract Mo Fan's demonic abilities. Reverting to his human form, Mo Fan reunites with his stepsister Ye Xinxia in Song City, only to confront a towering serpent looming over the urban landscape. Seeking answers, Mo Fan turns to his mentor Tang Yue, who unveils the creature's past and seeks his aid in safeguarding it in exchange for its prized shed skin. Amidst chaos wrought by the White Eagle demon and a spreading epidemic, Mo Fan vows to clear the serpent's name, delving into the origins of the plague and questing for a cure.

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